Summer Adventures

Blessed with a magnificent setting flanked between two mountains, Niseko's green season offers boundless opportunities to relax and rejuvenate. Ascend Mount Yotei by foot or circuit around it by bike, feel the adrenaline rush of canyoning through waterfalls, or simply unwind in Hokkaido's natural hot springs. Summer is a season that will keep you coming back.

Hiking & Trekking

Exploring Niseko's mountains by foot is a treat for your senses as you discover nature's hidden secrets in the scenic ranges.

Mountain Biking

Get your adrenaline rush riding through Niseko's diverse range of incredible trails for riders of all abilities.

Road Cycling

Curate your own cycling experience with in-house specialist Rhythm, in the home of the Niseko Classic, a cyclist’s dream with fresh air and winding roads around natural scenery.

Stand Up Paddleboard

Hone your paddle board skills whilst exploring the tranquil beauty of the areas' lakes, rivers and coastline.


Get back to nature, as you steer and splash your way through one of Hokkaido's most beautiful rivers, the Shiribetsu River.


Find your inner adventurer paddling downstream on a small size inflatable kayak.


Let us take you on an incredible thrill-seeking journey like no other, through Niseko's stunning canyons and streams.


Hokkaido's rivers and oceans offer the perfect location for fishing trips that the whole family can enjoy.

Horse Back Riding

Horseback riding is the best way to spend a late afternoon, enjoying a mindful moment as you take to the trails by horseback.

Sea Kayaking

Discover the magnificent beauty of Hokkaido's coastline by kayak, before savouring the region’s delicious seafood in the stunning Shakotan Peninsula.


Dramatically nestled between mountains, Niseko's pristine golfing fairways and crisp mountain air promise a most memorable game.

Tree Trekking

Climb through the lush forests with tree trekking courses for every level, guaranteed to put a big smile on everyone's faces.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take off as the sun rises and soar above the mountains for the most incredible panoramas of Niseko's natural landscape.

Summer Gondola Ride

Bring your camera to capture the summer perspective of a gondola ride up Mount Annupuri, the stunning scenic views will not disappoint.

Otaru Day Tour

Time for a change of pace, soaking up the cultural charms of this historic town, sampling the finest seafood and locally brewed sake.

Sapporo Day Tour

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Hokkaido, exploring the capital with its summer festivals, parks and museums.

Shakotan Day Tour

Savour Hokkaido's finest sea urchin this summer, as the cool coastal breezes off Shakotan's beautiful coastline soothe your soul.

Niki Park Farm Day Tour

Feel at one with nature as you pick your favourite fruit from acres of orchards in Hokkaido's best known fruit picking farm.

Suttsu Day Tour

Enjoy the taste of the sea with an all-you-can-eat oyster feast at the charming fishing village of Suttsu.

Lake Toya Day Tour

Drift into water adventurer mode - from kayaking to stand-up paddle boards, Lake Toya is a perfect place to spend time with loved ones.

Ainu Cultural Tour

Take a journey back to Hokkaido's indigenous past to discover the remarkable history and rich traditions of the Ainu culture.

Farm to Table Experience

Discover the secret to Hokkaido's fresh produce with our local farm tour and culinary class to learn how to recreate your favourite local dishes.

Tea Ceremony

Learn the meditative art of tea making, as you discover meaningful insights into this great Japanese tradition.

Private Dining Experience

Let our chefs create a special menu for a memorable gastronomic experience with your loved ones in our exclusive private dining rooms.

Private Onsen

Rejuvenate with the ultimate alpine experience in our private mineral rich onsen bathing pools.


Reinvigorate your soul under the expert touch of our therapists, with our Niseko inspired blend of traditional and modern therapies.

Yoga Classes

A great way to start your day with classes designed to stretch your muscles, relax your mind and restore peaceful energy.

Kids Playroom

A perfect family holiday includes well spent moments with the kids in a fun creative space for them to play, draw, and explore.

Visit Us in Other Seasons


There is so much more to Niseko beyond the abundance of world renowned powder snow, let us extend your alpine adventure away from the ski slopes.

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Spend your day skiing, river rafting or playing 18 holes on one of the many picturesque courses in the area. Spring in Niseko allows you to embrace your inner adventurer.

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The magnificent colours of fall, cooler temperatures and the allure of mouthwatering seasonal produce and natural hot springs. Niseko's Autumn colours never fails to delight its loyal followers.

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