Start your day with a delicious freshly made breakfast overlooking Mount Yotei. At méli mélo, we source our ingredients from the best Hokkaido farmers. From dairy to meat to vegetables, we pride ourselves in working with local farmers directly, so we can experience the produce for ourselves within its natural environment.

Yumepirika Rice

The town of Tsukigata in Hokkaido is located between the Ishikari River and the Sakhalin Mountains. Yumepirika rice from the "Hokkaido Tsukigata Farm" is grown in the rich soil and clean spring water of this area, and is a special grade 'A' rice. Farmed with the goal of "producing the highest quality rice that Hokkaido can be proud of", the rice is sweet, fluffy and a treat when freshly cooked.

Salmon Roe (Ikura)

The town of Rausu is blessed with a magnificent natural environment and first-class seafood. The salmon roe is made from the fatty salmon caught off the coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula. It has a rich, deep flavour with a natural sweetness that spreads in the mouth and a crunchy texture that is best enjoyed lavishly on top of freshly cooked rice.

Fresh Seasonal Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes and zucchini are grown locally at Harukichi Organic Farm's using organic farming methods which focus on thorough soil analysis and management. We believe in supporting local farmers like Harukichi where vegetables are grown with the utmost emphasis on quality and taste.

Winter Breakfast

Celebrating Hokkaido's Finest Buffet Breakfast

We take our breakfast buffet spread very seriously, offering a wide variety of sweet and savoury breakfast favourites with both Western and Asian influences, lovingly created from Hokkaido's amazing seasonal produce.

Available from December 2022 - March 2023