Conservation, Sustainability & Community

Designed to enhance the neighbourhoods of which we are part, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact both through design and best operational practices.

Design & Architecture

The use of sustainable materials and green building policies are embedded in the design and construction of the resort to help to minimise our environmental footprint. For example, priority is placed on supporting the domestic economy by working with local suppliers to source materials locally and green construction practices such as dry wall construction, prefabricated finishes and a pileless foundation system were adopted to reduce the construction period and its impact on the environment. High performance double glazing throughout the facade helps reduce heat loss during the winter and solar heat gain in the summer months, whilst the placement of the hot water piping system is designed to heat the pavements of the courtyard during the winter months, thus reducing the need for snow clearing. For the resorts landscapes, local species were adopted into the landscape design to enrich the floral diversity.

Conservation of Energy & Water

Sustainable approaches are employed as a matter of course throughout the resort with a selection of water efficient sanitary fittings, energy efficient appliances, energy saving lighting systems and high-performance double glazing installed throughout. Our housekeeping department uses eco-friendly cleaning products and offers environmentally friendly laundry policies to minimise unnecessary water and energy consumption.

Recycling & Waste Minimalisation

As expected, all our waste is sorted and disposed of to be recycled wherever possible. Procedures adopted to reduce our consumption of paper and plastic include digitalised and sustainable elements like paperless check-in and in-suite tablets to replace room compendiums, provision of sustainable spring drinking water (no single use plastics), stylish reusable slippers and toiletry dispensers within our suites, and making room amenities available upon request.

Sustainable Purchasing

We believe in supporting the domestic economy wherever possible, growing and working together with our local suppliers, farmers and community partners. Setsu Niseko is immensely proud to showcase Hokkaido’s produce known worldwide for its incredible quality and flavour. Supporting local businesses is important to us; we are currently working with local artisan supplier SIRACA to create bathroom toiletries using fragrant silver birch sap from Rankoshi and abies sachalinensis essential oil from Niseko.