Public Onsen

With separate onsens for women and men, this sanctuary of wellness features both indoor and outdoor onsens. Traditional onsen bathing facilities with temperatures over 40 degrees celsius deliver relaxation and healing in their purest forms, both mentally and physically relaxing your mind, releasing the tension of your muscles, and helping you to recover your energy from a fun adventure day. Continue your indulgent wellness journey by relaxing in the Onsen Lounge, releasing tension in our sauna or taking a plunge into the cool dipping pool to boost circulation.

Private Onsen

Unwind in our private onsen rooms to rejuvenate your soul and connect with your true self. Like the public onsen, hot spring water is naturally rich in healing minerals releasing tension and allowing you to fully relax your soul and body. Onsen bathing is the perfect way to restore your energy after a day of skiing or hiking. Setsu Niseko's private onsen rooms suit individuals, groups of friends, or families who wish to relax together in the onsen. All rooms come with your own private onsen changing facilities.

Story Behind The Private Onsen Names

Our four private onsens take names inspired by our guiding vision Setsu Getsu Ka encapsulating the beauty of Niseko's four seasons.

Room 1: Mutsuki 睦月 (representing Winter)
Room 2: Satsuki 皐月 (representing Spring)
Room 3: Hazuki 葉月 (representing Summer)
Room 4: Kannazuki 神無月 (representing Autumn)

Other Information

Yes, your room key is needed to access the onsen area.

Towels are available at the onsen. Guests may use the onsen before check-in and after check-out if available.

It is approximate 40-41 degrees celsius.

Please see our onsen etiquette here.