Tempura Araki

What a better place to experience authentic Omakase dining than the new sister restaurant of Sapporo’s two-Michelin star ‘Tempura Araki’. This intimate dining experience centred around a beautiful Cypress counter promises a feast for the senses with delicate tempura created to perfection like precious art pieces right in front of your eyes.

Omakase Tradition

Omakase dining is the Japanese tradition of entrusting the chef with the creative freedom to plan your meal based on the daily markets finest ingredients. The Araki brigade's passion for Hokkaido produce showcases some of finest and freshest seafood, vegetables and ingredients through a range of seasonal tempura sensations.

Tempura Secrets

With authentic flavours and intricate presentation that captivates your eyes and tastebuds, diners will be amazed by the array of flavours and textures achieved through the single art of tempura. Like artists, Chefs use a brush to apply the flour, meticulously dunking battered pieces into one of two pots of oil, infused with aromas of sesame and mountain vegetables. A batter perfectly balanced not to interfere with the delicate flavours nestled within. Demonstrating the brigades deep experience and training, courses meander from subtly flavored squid to Japanese barracuda, kisu Japanese whiting to sticky rice topped with seafood and a rainbow of vegetables, effortlessly switching between tempura and traditional Japanese dishes to create an unforgettable culinary experience, where one visit might just not be enough.

Terms & Conditions
  • Children aged 6 years and below may share a course menu with an adult. There is no children's menu available. Children aged 7 years and above must order the same menu as adults.
  • All courses prices include tax and a 20% service charge.
  • A corkage fee of ¥10,000 per bottle applies.
  • Cancellation Charges: Please note that there is a 10% cancellation charge if cancelled after confirmation, 50% if cancelled within 14 days and 100% if cancelled within 7 days.
  • If you expect to be more than 30 minutes late for your reservation, please contact Tempura Araki by phone to advise on expected arrival time. Otherwise, we seek your understanding that your reservation will be automatically cancelled and a cancellation fee applied.
  • We recommend guests purchase the insurance listed on their booking website. It is the restaurant policy to retain a credit card for bookings and also to charge a booking administration fee of ¥390 per guest upon booking.
  • If you have any special requests such as a private room, please put it in their 'special request' field.
  • Due to cross contamination, we cannot accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • For other terms & conditions, please read carefully when making a booking through this link.