Active Niseko Adventures

Day 1: Arrival Day

Welcome to Setsu Niseko, your active journey has begun. Start with an evening run around Hirafu Village, or take a stroll in the hotel courtyard to enjoy the fresh mountain air before soaking in the onsen. 

Day 2: Explore Niseko Mountain Range

Morning: Exploring the Mountains

Wake up to the beautiful panoramic views of the Niseko landscape from your suite’s window. Starting with breakfast in our main restaurant, méli mélo -Yuki No Koe-, fill up your stomach and top up your energy levels ready for a fun and exciting day ahead.

For mountain lovers, Niseko is the perfect place to visit with its beautiful mountain ranges. Our team can arrange an experienced local guide who will lead you through the various trails. 

  • Annupuri is an easy hike to start with, taking around 3-4 hours round trip depending on your fitness level. With the rewarding view of Mount Yotei at the summit, the effort is well worth it. This trail is recommended for beginners and for families with kids. 
  • Iwaonupuri is also a fairly small hike, taking around 3-hours round trip. With a great view of two mountain ranges: Annupuri and Yotei lay perfectly aligned along the way to the summit. Although it is considered an easy hike, it offers a variety of hiking conditions along the way, amazing you from the trailhead to the summit. 

Stay energised on your hike with a takeaway lunch prepared by the team at AFURI. We recommend visitin them in store to collect some kakuni pork bun or a karaage don, leaving you stress-free to enjoy your hike.

Tips: Don’t forget to pack bug spray, rain clothes, sun screen, appropriate shoe wear and plenty of water.

Afternoon & Evening

Pamper yourself with an afternoon unwinding at Setsu Niseko onsen and Rikka Spa. We recommend the deep tissue massage or relaxation massage to loosen up your muscles after a strenuous day hiking in the mountains.

Enjoy an authentic and personable culinary experience with a gastronomic journey of the ocean that is second to none with an intimate dinner at Sushi Kato INORI. Located at Setsu, Sushi Kato INORI promises the ultimate ocean-to-table Japanese kaiseki experience, with Chef Kato's stellar reputation for his crab markets and restaurants in Sapporo and Niseko. Finish off your evening with a stroll through Setsu’s charming courtyard.

Day 3: Cycling Around Niseko

Morning & Afternoon

Launch your day with a morning stretching class directed by our professional yoga instructors at Studio En, before savouring a deliciously balanced breakfast. With over ten different class types, Studio En is always open to both those who are completely new to yoga and those who have an established practice. From dynamic Vinyasa style yoga to a more relaxing yin practice. Availability is limited so please book online or contact our concierge team. Private classes are also available.  After your class, head to méli mélo -Yuki No Koe- and enjoy the fresh Hokkaido produce as good food brings great stamina for you to stay energised all day.

Activity Option 1: Cycling around Yotei
(Total time: 4-5 hours round trip or a full day exploring nature along the way) 

After breakfast, get your bike ready (which can be rented from the nearby rental store) for a leisurely cycling trip around Mount Yotei. The course is just over 50km and primarily flat with some slopes. Explore the natural beauty of Mount Yotei from 4 different towns and take photos from each side. Share with us the difference on social media @setsuniseko and tell us which is your favourite.

Make sure to take breaks along the way, we highly recommend the famous Tofu shop in Makkari, the fresh Mount Yotei spring water in Fukidashi Park and well-known udon restaurant Nonogasa in Kyogoku or enjoy a packed lunch.

Activity Option 2: Cycling to Suttsu 
(Total time: 3-4 hours one way) 

The route to Suttsu is great for intermediate cyclists looking for more of a challenge. We recommend cycling to Suttsu for the famous all-you-can-eat-oyster feast, well deserved after your grueling ride. Take a break and listen to the ocean waves at Suttsu beach, or go for a quick swim to cool down as the water is clear and perfect for warm, sunny days. On the way back, you can either cycle back to Setsu Niseko, or we can arrange for a pick-up from Suttsu back to the hotel. 

Alternatively, if you would like to visit Suttsu in the comfort of a car, we can organise a private day tour.


Start off your evening in Setsu Niseko’s onsen: luxuriate in a peaceful bath in one of our private onsens or enjoy the public onsen which has both a hot spring water bath and a cold water dipping pool to help loosen up your muscles. Settle down with a cup of Japanese tea in your in-suite tatami room with the warm sunlight effused through the shoji screen windows. 

Satisfy yourself with a steaming bowl of hot noodles at AFURI for dinner, then cool off with a glass of premium Hokkaido wine at Park90 to finish off your day.

Day 4: An Adrenaline Rush


Kick start your day with a delightful breakfast at méli mélo -Yuki No Koe-, then head down to your reserved tee off at one of Niseko’s world class golf courses (make sure to consult with our concierge team to arrange a golf course reservation and rental equipment if needed). Be amazed by the stunning scenery and agreeable weather as you spend the morning golfing. Niseko is a great place to enjoy a variety of courses, including one of Hokkaido’s most difficult courses. Its location between mountains makes for an inspiring game whilst offering  something for everyone, from first-timers to advanced golfers.


For the adrenaline lovers, we highly recommend visiting Hanazono Zip World for a zipline tour experience; newly opened this summer. The Black Diamond Superfly is Asia's first mega zipline at 1,700 metres, and reaches speeds in excess of 110km/h! Glide above the trees as Hanazono Zip World takes you through the amazing experience of flying.


Celebrate the end of your trip with a private dinner at our main restaurant, méli mélo -Yuki No Koe- followed by a bottle of fine wine at Park90 Lounge. Curated with locally grown produce, recharge your body with a perfectly crafted meal before having a drink in the lounge at Park90. Sit, relax and take in the fantastic night view while enjoying a glass of wine or a glass of beer. You deserve it.

Day 5: Enjoy Your Private Time

Unwind in the private onsen (don’t forget to book in advance) and Niseko Herbal Healing Therapy at Rikka Spa so you can fully relax your muscles and soothe your soul before heading home. Alternatively, stay even more fit at our Setsu gym or join one of our Setsu yoga classes at Studio En.

This is only one example of a fun itinerary you can enjoy while staying at Setsu Niseko, there is so much more for you to explore and enjoy.  Let our dedicated concierge team know about your interests and preferences and we will create your own personalised journey full of cherished holiday moments just for you.

Share your cherished Niseko moments during your stay with us on social media and tag @setsuniseko and #setsumoments.