In-Suite Dining

Dine in the privacy of your own suite by inviting a private chef to host, prepare and serve your favourite meal. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to create cherished holiday moments with your loved ones. Leave it with us, as we arrange every detail to ensure an incredible personalised experience.

A variety of menus are available from Fugu (Pufferfish) Dinner, Sushi, Tempura, Seafood or Wagyu each providing a memorable Japanese dining experience.

Important Information

Sushi Master Kamada will set up a traditional sushi bar in your suite from where he will carefully prepare and serve 8 exquisite pieces of sushi to each diner. This will be followed by a hearty sukiyaki or shabu-shabu or Genghis Khan.

Sushi To Start
8 pieces of sushi per person (vegetarian and meat options available). Scallops, salmon, chutoro tuna, maguro tuna, white seasonal fish, mackerel, sweet prawns, and eggs are included in the service.

Followed by
Option 1 (Sukiyaki): 150g Hokkaido wagyu beef shoulder loin with Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, leek, carrot, enoki, tofu, noodles and accompaniments.
Option 2 (Shabu Shabu): 150g Hokkaido wagyu beef shoulder loin with Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, leek, carrot, enoki, tofu, noodles and accompaniments.
Option 3 (Genghis Khan): 150g lamb with bean sprouts, onions, carrots, green peppers, udon noodles.

Seasonal fruit sorbet


  • 6 People: ¥110,400 per group
  • 7 People: ¥128,800 per group
  • 8 People: ¥147,200 per group
  • 9 People: ¥165,600 per group
  • 10 People: ¥184,000 per group

A licensed chef, Tanaka has years of experience in fugu (pufferfish) preparation. This course allows you to fully enjoy natural puffer fish. Chef Tanaka' s creativity and experience will provide you with the perfect dinner for your special occasion.


Hot sake flavoured with grilled fugu fins
Fugu Sashimi served with Fugu skin, Koto negi (it is called fugu negi, the thinnest green onion, and is indispensable in fugu dishes.), chilli and grated radish, sudachi, and ponzu
Fugu Karaage with shishito, sudachi, and salt
Fugu nabe with Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, enoki mushroom, green onion, kuzukiri, mushroom, tofu, Fugu negi, ponzu, chilli and grated radish
Fugu Zosui (Japanese rice soup) cooked in fugu flavored soup with egg and Fugu negi
Assorted seasonal fruits

Gourmet seafood and Wagyu degustation menu presented by chef Tanaka. The course will feature wonderful natural ingredients from Hokkaido, such as corn cream soup made with Hokkaido corn and steak made with specially selected Japanese black beef from Hokkaido.


Smoked salmon, seasonal vegetables, yuzu, carrot, and basil dressing
Shrimp, avocado mayonnaise and crackers
Hokkaido corn cream soup
Rockfish with pine nut butter sauce
Lobster with colourful sauce
Seared Hokkaido specially selection Kuroge Wagyu beef steak with red wine sauce
Assorted fruits

A former instructor at the famous Tsuji Culinary Institute and TV personality, Chef Tanaka has created a seven course menu that reflects the seasons while showcasing the local produce and his modern take on classic Japanese cuisine.


Soaked mushrooms and greens in dashi soup with shimeji mushroom, enoki mushroom, mushroom, maitake mushroom, chrysanthemum yuzu, and sesame
Sashimi served with green onion, ponzu, plum, chilli, and grated radish  
Tempura with an extra large prawn, sillago, squid, sweet potato, mushroom, salt, and lemon       
Steamed Shinshu Salmon with soba, dashi, and wasabi  
Mizutaki (chicken hotpot) with chichen meat ball, green onion, and kuzukiri    
Zosui (Japanese rice soup) with egg and green onion
Assorted seasonal fruits

Tempura dinner is presented by celebrity Chef Tanaka, a TV personality and former instructor at the famous Tsuji Culinary Institute. This tempura course allows you to enjoy to the fullest the ingredients carefully selected by Chef Tanaka, including natural big prawns.


Sashimi served with green onion, ponzu, plum, chilli and grated radish
Tempura of 2 natural big prawns, sillago, squid, sweet potato, lotus root, mushroom, eggplant, asparagus and leek with dashi soup and salt
Seasonal salad with yuzu dressing
Cold somen noodles with yuzu and mitsuba
Assorted seasonal fruits

A fun and delicious dining experience can be created for your children too.

Bolognese OR Fried rice
Ice cream for dessert

Other Information

This service is exclusive to Setsu Niseko guests.

Advance payment 21 days prior to arrival is required.

Cancellation within the specific time frame before booking commencement will incur a cancellation fee as shown below:
For menus that contain seafood & wagyu, cancellations less than 15 days will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
For all other menus, cancellations less than 8 days will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
Cancellation fees will vary depending on the circumstances for requests and orders outside of the usual categories, such as special order groceries, menus, rental equipment, linens, flowers, etc.
Cancellation includes changes that reduce the overall value of the booking and no-shows.