Home to one of the widest selection of dining venues in any Niseko resort, Setsu Niseko is set to breathe new life into Niseko's culinary landscape extending the street life of the main town.

At Setsu, we have a passion for culinary excellence and our chefs, sommeliers and baristas are testament to this. With six different dining venues under one roof, Setsu Niseko’s restaurants showcase michelin star mastery and culinary traditions from around the world, whilst championing the wholesome flavours of Hokkaido’s seasonal produce.

The well-being of our guests remains our highest priority and we can assure guests of enhanced levels of hygiene and sanitation procedures throughout all our restaurants, so you can feel safe and protected.

méli mélo -Yuki No Koe-

Led by Hokkaido native and Michelin-starred Chef Hironori Sato, méli mélo is an exciting new culinary collaboration by Chef Sato with Masaya Ishii from Hokkaido based coffeehouse ‘Baristart Coffee’, well-known for their signature Hokkaido dairy dishes and Sapporo roasted coffee. 

Introducing Chef Sato

Starting his career in France, Chef Sato cultivated his culinary skills at three Michelin-star restaurants’ ‘Astrance’ and ‘Ledoyen’ before relocating back to Japan, to open the now acclaimed Michelin star French restaurant ‘méli mélo’ in the Maruyama district of Sapporo.

Chef Sato’s culinary philosophy places three core elements at the heart of every dish; the ingredients, the aromas and the land. While the focus is on ingredients sourced from Hokkaido and ensuring at least one local ingredient is incorporated in every dish, Chef Sato searches all over Japan to create the finest time honoured recipes with creative flair.

Finest Local Ingredients

At méli mélo, we source our ingredients from the best Hokkaido farmers. From dairy to meat to vegetables, we pride ourselves in working with local farmers directly, so we can experience the produce for ourselves within its natural environment. All our dairy products use the rich and creamy ‘Biei’ Jersey milk farmed from Brown Jersey Cows and famed throughout Hokkaido for its exceptional quality and creamy sweetness. Within the greater Hokkaido region, we work with local farmers like Tsukigata Farm for rice, Harukichi Farm for vegetables, and asparagus with the smoothest of textures from Uchiyama Farm.

Open throughout the day, guests can feast on an array of perfectly executed Japanese and Western comfort foods. For dinner, guests can choose from à la carte menu or a carefully curated seasonal course menu showcasing locally-sourced seafood and beef.


Well loved by foodies throughout Tokyo, AFURI has been making waves with its stylish décor, good vibes playlist and delicious freshly made noodles. Geared towards a chic, health-conscious generation, AFURI now brings its famous yuzu ramen direct to Hokkaido. With spectacular views of Mount Yotei, it’s the perfect pit-stop to refuel before or after an exhilarating day out.

As well as ramen, a vibrant assortment of traditional bite-size delicacies including the signature “winged gyoza dumplings” (available steamed, fried or as a vegan delicacy) are available from AFURI, giving diners an exciting variety of dishes to enjoy, and share. 

Freshly Hand Crafted Every Day

Fresh noodles are meticulously crafted everyday by skilled and highly trained chefs, the meditative process is spell-binding to observe, and can be witnessed in our open kitchen concept.  The resulting ramens complex layers of umami flavors, hints of refreshing yuzu citrus, and springy noodles, blend together into a balanced and elevated ramen, unlike any other.

Sushi Kato INORI

Opening Winter 2022/2023

Under the helm of highly respected seafood veteran Kato Toshiaki (3rd generation of the Kato Seafood), Sushi Kato Inori promises the ultimate ocean-to-table Japanese kaiseki experience, bringing Japanese cuisine culture to the world through some of the finest Hokkaido seafood specialties. Kato’s mantra of "Inori" expresses gratitude for their guests support and abundant harvests. With over 50 year’s experience and a stellar reputation for his crab markets and restaurants in Sapporo and Niseko, Sushi Kato offers an authentic and personable culinary experience with a gastronomic journey of the ocean that is second to none. 

Fresh From The Ocean 

Sushi Kato hand selects the freshest seafood from the markets each day including sea urchin, hairy crab, fresh flounder, enormous scallops and fatty tuna caught the night before in the famous coastal waters of Iwanai. Demonstrating the craft of true artists, Kato-san’s experienced team create exquisitely composed sushi, sashimi and Kaiseki menus featuring local rice and the freshest Hokkaido ingredients including the regions renowned Shiraoi wagyu beef.  For those who prefer to feast in the comfort of their suite, Sushi Kato offers a range takeaway options with fresh seafood platters and the largest most delicious crabs of the season.   

The Best Seats in the House or Front Row Seats

Centred around a six-seater sushi counter and twelve-seater private dining room, Sushi Kato’s offers an extraordinary and intimate culinary experience. Take a place at the sushi counter and be captivated by the skill of the chef's with the ancient art of sushi making. Bar Kato could be the perfect spot to start or end the evening with its delectable nibbles, and extensive selection of drinks.

Tempura Araki

Opening Winter 2022/2023

Setsu Niseko is home to the new sister restaurant of Sapporo’s two-Michelin star ‘Tempura Araki’. Under the attentive direction of Michelin star Chef Araki Yoshiyuki, guests experience the authentic Japanese tradition of omakase dining with the region's finest tempura. Centred around a splendid wooden Japanese cypress counter with a small private dining room seating six, Tempura Araki promises an exquisite experience, as chefs skillfully prepare your meal to perfection right in front of your eyes.  

Omakase Tradition

Omakase dining is the Japanese tradition of entrusting the chef with the creative freedom to plan your meal based on the daily markets finest ingredients. Chef Araki’s passion for Hokkaido produce showcases some of finest and freshest seafood, vegetables and ingredients through a range of seasonal tempura sensations.

Tempura Secrets

With authentic flavors and meticulous presentation, diners will be amazed by the array of flavors Chef Araki’s team achieve through the single cooking method of tempura. Araki’s simple batter of flour, eggs and water is designed not to interfere with the premium morsels nestled within. Like artists, Chefs use a brush to apply the flour, meticulously dunking battered pieces into one of two pots of oil, infused with aromas of sesame and mountain vegetables. To create the perfect ‘snacky’ texture, chefs masterfully adjust the level of batter coverage and frying time in consideration of the ingredients and the days temperature and humidity. A craft that comes down to timing, experience and intuition.

Demonstrating the brigades deep experience and training, courses meander from subtly flavored squid to Japanese barracuda, kisu Japanese whiting to sticky rice topped with seafood and a rainbow of vegetables, effortlessly switching between tempura and traditional Japanese dishes to create an unforgettable culinary experience, where one visit might just not be enough. 

Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House

Opening TBC

Inspired by the classic European eateries of yesteryear and the cooking styles of America's east coast, Boston raised Owner and Chef Travis Masiero brings a fresh perspective to old school favorites.  

Timeless Classics 

The origins of the term "chop house' is a classic one derived in Europe and based on a specialisation of prime steaks and chops expertly sourced and butchered. Chef Travis has expanded this concept to showcase the delicious seafood offerings from the Eastern Seaboard of North America and the local treasures of Hokkaido's famed coast, alongside handpicked produce from the world's finest ranchers and farmers who share his commitment to sustainably-sourced produce.  

With inspiration from his Bostonian roots, Chef Travis and his team have breathed new life into 'American perennial classics' with the critically acclaimed Singapore based restaurant "Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House".  For over 10 years, their inspired and welcoming hospitality has been delighting regulars who tuck into their favourite plump oysters and perfectly grilled steaks within a stylish and contemporary setting. At Luke's, the devil is in the detail with the team's unwavering devotion to quality and warm and graceful service.     

A Personal Collection of Artisan Wines

As an essential companion to any meal, the wine and beverage selection is a unique assemblage of the greatest wines from around the world, personally selected from artisan winemakers to balance and bring out the flavours of the food. White wines leaning heavily on classic varieties that compliment seafood like Chablis, Sancerre and fresh, energetic Muscadet. Red wines that evoke a sense of place and terroir are a firm favourite, from Burgundy and the Rhone through to Oregon, whilst classic Bordeaux varietals and New World iconoclasts from America and Australia that accentuate and bring flavors forward are the perfect complement to hearty chops.  Whichever road you decide to take, know that the team has thoughtfully selected wines they think you will enjoy. 

Lounge Bar by Park90

A bespoke wine experience for wine lovers, experts and early explorers alike. Indulge your passion for fine wines with Park90’s extensive selection of wines specially curated from their network of partners, negociants and chateaux around the world. From old world to new world, allow Park90’s sommeliers to guide you through an unforgettable journey of discovery.

A welcoming sojourn at the end of the day, Park90 offers a select menu of gourmet bar bites to savour, whilst a premium range of sake, Hokkaido crafted beers and Japanese whiskies complement their extensive and notable wine collection.

Recreating the timeless luxury and romance of the classic off-piste alpine experience, Park90 offers the perfect spot for you to sit back with your favourite tipple and recount the memories of your day.

Arrival & Grocery Packages

At Setsu Niseko, we offer the assurance that everything is taken care of, right down to the fresh grocery package welcoming you when you arrive.