Rikka Spa

Rikka Spa offers a wellness journey in a sanctuary of warmth and tranquillity, where guests can unwind their bodies, relax their minds and regain vitality. Created in collaboration with Lapidem Tokyo to imbue a deep sense of place, our entire programme is centred on Eastern medicine and a profound understanding of how the skin and body work, whilst harnessing the ancient spa rituals of local plant and herbal healing therapies and techniques to liberate your mind and regain one's true self.

Rikka (六花) means snow in Japanese with the literal translation meaning 'flower of six' representing the beautiful hexagonal snowflake. Rikka perfectly represents our six key elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water together with Yin Yang principle) through the blessings of nature.

Spa Promotion

Summer Wellness Campaign - Setsu Guest Exclusive

Experience complete rejuvenation during your stay at Setsu Niseko this Summer. As our valued hotel guest, enjoy exclusive discounts on our exquisite spa treatments at Rikka Spa. Immerse yourself in a serene sanctuary, where every detail is crafted to ensure you feel pampered and revitalised.

¥3,000 discount (for bookings of any 60-minute spa treatment)
¥4,000 discount (for bookings of any 90 or 120-minute spa treatments)

If you are visiting Setsu Niseko this Summer, don’t miss out on adding the ultimate indulgence to your stay, reserve your spa treatment now.

Note this offer is only available to hotel guests until 31 August 2024.

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Rikka Day Spa Experience

Open to non-hotel guests from 1 June - 31 October 2024

Indulge in a spa treatment at Rikka Spa and extend your wellness experience with complimentary one-time use of Setsu Niseko's luxurious onsen and sauna facilities.

Use of the onsen only applies to bookings of full-priced treatments at Rikka Spa and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional treatments/discount offers.

The day spa includes a one-time complimentary use of the Setsu Niseko public onsen and sauna which must be redeemed on the same day as the spa treatment.

Blackout dates include Obon 10-18 August 2024, and all Japanese national holidays.

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Rejuvenate Your Soul

Rikka Spa X Lapidem Tokyo

All our spa treatments and programmes are curated by award winning spa Lapidem Tokyo, widely recognised as one of Japan's leading day spas and consistently conferred awards for 'Best Luxury Spa' and 'Best Day Spa' in Japan. Treatments use a selection of Lapidem products that focus on natural ingredients to maximise the skin's natural ability to improve its health and well-being.

Restore Your Vitality

At Rikka Spa, our well-being journey has been designed to respect the beauty of nature, to learn from it and to live with it based on the traditional local remedies and the principles of Yin Yang together with the Five Elements theories of Eastern medicine. This holistic journey set in the tranquility of nature will restore vitality and bring harmony to your body and mind.

Respect the Beauty of Nature

We believe in the importance of supporting our local business community whenever we can; locally produced peppermint oil, fresh herbs, and leaves from Chise Garden Farm, and Hokkaido sake are some of the natural ingredients used in our welcome and wake-up rituals. The feeling of being enveloped by nature's blessings can help you unwind and release your stress.

Your Curated Wellness Journey

With our extensive menu of treatments, allow our therapists to take you on a journey of rejuvenation. Our team of leading therapists spare no effort in honing each technique and treatment to ensure you feel revitalised within a sanctuary of warmth and calmness, for a complete mind and body refresh.

Rest Assured

Rikka Spa is managed in collaboration with ConceptAsia, a pioneer in the wellness and spa industry operating and managing many of the leading hotel spas across Japan, as well as China and Korea.

The Rikka Niseko Signature Journey

The Spa Ritual

The Rikka Niseko Signature Journey begins with a 'Welcome Ritual'. Local seasonal herbs and spirits are used, as well as salts and essential oils with healing properties. These ingredients and the hot spring water are used to warm and purify the feet. By performing the ritual before the treatment, the mind and spirit are soothed and the benefits of the treatment are further enhanced. At the end of all treatments, the 'Wake Up Ritual' using peppermint oil and warm towels imbued in hot spring water will gradually lead you from a state of deep relaxation back to the present.