Best 10 Summer Activities in Niseko

  • By Tsuyuki

Blessed with a magnificent setting flanked between two mountains, Niseko's green season offers boundless opportunities to relax and rejuvenate. Ascend Mount Yotei by foot or cycle around it by bike, feel the adrenaline rush of canyoning through waterfalls, or simply unwind in Hokkaido's natural hot springs. Summer is a season that will keep you coming back.

Setsu Niseko’s concierge team are experts in how to create a dream Niseko holiday. To help you plan your ideal summer holiday in Niseko, the team have compiled a list of their top summer activities to enjoy the summer months. Niseko is the perfect summer destination, with endless outdoor activities to enjoy with family and friends.

Our Favourite Outdoor Summer Activities:

10. Hiking and Trekking

Exploring Niseko's mountains by foot is a treat for your senses as you discover nature's hidden secrets in the scenic ranges. Popular hikes which are perfect for beginners include- Shinsen-numa Marsh offers an easy walk on a well-maintained wooden path across scenic marshlands, a good starting point for those interested in a more relaxing, family-friendly stroll. Lake Hangetsu, also known as the half-moon lake, is another charming and perfect introductory hike. Located at the bottom of Mt. Yotei and surrounded by dense forests, spectacular beautiful summer and autumn colours can be seen from around the shore.

9. Mountain Lights

From the 1st of July 2023, the foothills of Mount Annupuri will be illuminated with over 180,000 lights where you can enjoy a dreamy walkway through Niseko's wonderland. Mountain Lights is created and designed by the internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro. Nights in Niseko will be illuminated with his light-based artwork designed in complete harmony with natural surroundings, producing a dreamlike walkway spanning 1.3km through Niseko's wonderland. This is Bruce Munro’s first art installation in Japan and there is great anticipation that his creation will bring newfound attention and allure to Niseko’s stunning green season months.

8. Bike Rental

Curate your own cycling experience with in-house specialist Rhythm, in the home of the Niseko Classic, a cyclist’s dream with fresh air and winding roads around natural scenery. Or get your adrenaline rush riding through Niseko's diverse range of incredible trails for riders of all abilities. 

Rhythm Base's Activity Centre offers bike rental including E-Bikes, Road Bikes, and Mountain Bikes, from leading bicycle brand Specialised.

7. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Hone your paddle board skills whilst exploring the tranquil beauty of the areas' lakes, rivers and coastline. A Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is one of the wonderful ways to explore the water with your friends and family. Paddle down the crisp Shiribetsu River which is well-known as one of the cleanest rivers in Japan, as you enjoy the beautiful views of the river and the mountain ranges of Annupuri and Mount Yotei. With such an incredible backdrop, we challenge you to slow down and perfect your poise and balance in your headstand pose for the camera. Now that's one for the holiday album!

6. Rafting

Rafting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Niseko. Challenge yourself on an unforgettable trip down one of Hokkaido's most beautiful rivers; the Shiribetsu River. Along with your fellow crew and experienced guide, you will enjoy the thrills and excitement of rafting on whitewater. Based on the season, Hokkaido rivers offer rafting trips suited to both adventure seekers with the large snowmelt in the springtime, through to lower-graded tours that the whole family can enjoy in the summertime. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced outdoor sports fanatic, rafting is amazing fun and a must-try experience for those enjoying Niseko's green season.

5. Canyoning

Put on a wetsuit and explore the network of canyons where you will jump, slide and swim, before finishing off with a spectacular 6-metre jump into a deep blue pool.

Let us take you on an incredible thrill-seeking journey like no other, through Niseko's stunning canyons and streams.

4. Horse Riding

Experience horse riding in Niseko immersed in the charming woodlands, and taking in the breathless views of Mount Yotei by horseback. Practice basic riding skills in an enclosed area to first familiarise yourself with the fundamentals and once comfortable, you will be set to leave the stable for a stroll through the Niseko countryside.

3. Golfing

Dramatically nestled between mountains, Niseko's pristine golfing fairways and crisp mountain air promise a most memorable game.Niseko offers some of the best golfing experiences available in Hokkaido with three world-class golf courses all within a 30-minute drive from Setsu Niseko. Each course offers meticulously designed and groomed courses that cater to everyone from first-timers to the most experienced players. Niseko's dry and pleasant summer weather coupled with the spectacular scenery makes Niseko the perfect place to dust off your clubs and enjoy a relaxing round of golf.

2. Tree Trekking

Climb through the lush forests with tree trekking courses for every level, guaranteed to put a big smile on everyone's faces.

Hanazono Forest Tree Trekking offers a captivating series of 6 high-rope courses intertwined amongst the trees. An exhilarating and challenging experience that will test your courage and problem-solving abilities like no other. The course also includes a zipline that allows participants to take to the air and experience that liberating albeit heart-in-mouth flying sensation. Courses are available across all levels from beginner to intermediate.

1. ZipFlight

For those who love the adrenaline rush of speed, experience the longest zipline (1,700 metres) in Asia at Hanazono Zip World. Soar like a bird through the trees and mountain ranges at speeds in excess of 110 km/hr with breathtaking views of Mount Yotei from up high.

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