A Blissful Anniversary Journey of Setsu Niseko

  • By Sirada

As we joyfully celebrate our first year anniversary at Setsu, we are delighted to offer a delightful range of experiences that everyone can enjoy. At Setsu, we are deeply inspired by the enchanting Japanese sensibility, which we carefully infuse into every aspect of our establishment - from the exquisitely designed rooms and top-notch facilities to the heartwarming experiences we curate for our guests during their stay. Embracing the essence of Japanese traditions and culture, our Setsu experience promises an unforgettable journey filled with Japanese culture inspired activities for all to cherish.

Day 1: Tanabata Workshop and Japanese Games

On the first day of our anniversary journey, the atmosphere was filled with excitement as we welcomed our guests to two engaging events happening in the afternoon. Both kids and adults were thrilled to participate in our Tanabata making workshop, where they had the opportunity to create their own beautiful Tanabata decorations. Guided by a skilled artist from Osaka, Risa-san, they crafted colorful paper ornaments, honoring the cherished tradition of the Japanese star festival.

While the Tanabata workshop sparked creativity and joy, another corner came alive with laughter and friendly competition. Traditional Japanese games such as yoyo scoop challenges and classic Japanese festival games like Wanage (ring toss game) and guess what is in the box game provided endless amusement for guests of all ages. 

As the day unfolded, our space became a vibrant tapestry of celebration, where traditional fun and artistic expression beautifully intertwined, setting the tone for the rest of our anniversary journey at Setsu Niseko.

Day 2: Uchiwa Fan Workshop, Bon Dance, and Live Painting Performance

The second day of our anniversary celebration brought even more enchantment and artistic flair. Guests were invited to join a Uchiwa fan-making workshop, where they crafted their own personalised fans. Creative energies flowed, and the room buzzed with a sense of accomplishment as each unique handmade fan came to life.

As the day progressed, our courtyard transformed into a captivating scene for the Bon dance, a Japanese summer dance. Prior to the dance, young guests were able to dress up in yukata or jinbei (Japanese traditional cloth) which was available for free rentals for our guests exclusively, adding a touch of engagement and tradition to the festivities. The rhythmic beats of taiko drums and Hokkaido Bon dance music filled the air, inspiring graceful movements as guests and staff formed a joyful circle of unity.

Adding an artistic touch to the celebration, in the evening, a talented artist from Osaka, Risa-san, took the stage at our lobby - Lounge Bar by Park90, for a live painting performance. Drawing inspiration from the captivating nature of Niseko and the deer head artwork by Kohei Nawa, the artist's brush strokes brought the beauty of the region to life on Japanese paper canvas. Guests gathered around, mesmerized by the creation unfolding before their eyes while enjoying their Happy Hour drinks together with live music performance by our local violinist, Rie-san.

Day 3: Lantern Making Workshop and Festive Celebrations

On the last day of our anniversary celebration, the festivities continued with renewed excitement. We began the day with a delightful Lantern Making Workshop, where guests had the chance to craft their own beautiful lanterns. The warm glow of these lanterns would add a touch of magic to the upcoming festivities. Japanese games corner continued to be popular and we could hear a lot of laugh.

As evening descended upon us, our courtyard transformed into a scene of enchantment. Continuing the spirit of celebration, we relished in the joyous Bon Dance once again. The rhythmic beats of the taiko drums reverberated through the air, creating an electric atmosphere. Guests, adorned in their yukata, joined hands and swayed to the melodic tunes, embracing the rich cultural heritage of the Bon Dance.

As the night drew to a close, guests departed with hearts filled with cherished memories and a sense of gratitude for the unforgettable experiences shared throughout the anniversary celebration.

Our three-day anniversary celebration was a remarkable journey filled with love, joy, artistic expression, and cultural immersion. From the engaging workshops and lively Japanese games to the captivating Bon Dance and the enchantment of lantern-making, each day offered unique experiences that brought our guests closer together.

We extend our deepest appreciation to all our guests for their enthusiastic participation and unwavering support during our first year. The celebration allowed us to create lasting memories and meaningful connections, strengthening the bonds that make our venue a special place.

As we look back on this momentous occasion, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the years to come. Our anniversary celebration was a testament to the joy and happiness that our guests bring to our hotel, and we are committed to continuing to create unforgettable experiences and memories together.

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