The Best Way to Enjoy Spring in Niseko

  • By Clarence

Niseko during the spring season bursts into life after the severe weather of winter. It brings warm weather, stunning nature, wildlife and a host of new activities to try.

Spring Skiing

As we exit the winter season and head towards summer, spring offers warmer and longer days for skiing. You may be surprised to know that the spring skiing season runs from mid March to 6 May in 2024. This means you have more light to enjoy the mountain. There are also more bluebird days with crystal clear views of Mount Yotei. 

In April the average temperatures are between -1 and 9 degrees celsius and in May there are between 9 and 15 degrees celsius. This does not mean that the snow has all melted there is still plenty of snow left from the winter months that make the mountain skiable until May. 

Additionally, Niseko is less crowded during spring in comparison to the winter season. This leaves ski lift lines less congested and you are more likely to find empty runs. As the ski season begins to wind down, passes and ski lessons are discounted. For example, a 1 day pass during peak season is ¥6,700 and in the spring season it is ¥4,000.

Adventure Beyond the Slopes 

Even with the slopes open until May, there are plenty more activities to choose from in spring. Many companies will begin to open up the activities on offer throughout the warmer months. Spring is a great time to give these a go because it is the only season where you can do them while there is still snow.

Here are a few of our favourite spring activities:

  • Cycling - with the roads becoming less icy and more cycling tracks thawing in spring, cycling becomes an increasingly popular activity. Snow and nature combine to create an impressive scene in Niseko that you can see while cycling. 
  • River rafting - if you are after a bit of excitement then river rafting is perfect for you. This takes place on Shiribetsu River under the guidance of experienced instructors. The river rafting experience will take you through rapids and whirlpools, providing you with a thrilling and unforgettable adventure. 
  • Tramping - tramping allows you to see parts of the mountain that are not accessible on skis or a snowboard. Explore Niseko's new additions brought by spring. Tramping is a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy nature, and stay active. It's also a great way to see the changing seasons and observe the wildlife.
  • Golf - there are a number of pristine golf courses around Niseko and much of the warmer months are filled with golf. Niseko is a stunning location for golf as you can enjoy it under the view of Mount Yotei. 
  • Ziplining - you may have spent time zooming around the mountain on skis or a snowboard but ziplining takes it to a new level. With over 2,500 metres of zipline you can traverse the slopes from above at up to 110 kilometres per hour.

You can also visit local farmers markets that become more frequent because of the new spring produce. Niseko locals are proud of the produce that they work hard to sell at these markets. If you want to experience true Niseko, these markets are a must visit. 

For first hand experience about spring activities in Niseko you can read our blog post where Setsu staff let us know about what they enjoy doing in spring.

Less Crowds

It is no secret that Niseko is an extremely popular destination during winter. Accommodation and restaurants are often at capacity. During spring there is a significant decrease in visitors resulting in a few benefits for those who chose to hold out until spring. 

Lastly, there are often discounts on ski lessons as the season winds down. Take advantage of the quieter season and improve on your skiing or snowboarding skills.

Nature Returns

Niseko is a beautiful place throughout all four seasons of the year. White in winter, green in summer and red in autumn. However, spring is the season we watch nature return to Niseko. 

Cherry blossoms are an iconic part of spring throughout Japan. In the southern parts of Japan they begin to blossom in April but as Niseko is on the Northern Island of Japan, Hokkaido, the cherry blossoms bloom in May. There are many spots to view the cherry blossoms in Niseko or you could venture to Sapporo or Otaru for a day trip. 

We also see the wildlife more often in spring as the sun begins to shine. You may even see a fox or tanuki out and about. Also during this time the birds begin to migrate in Hokkaido. 

For more information about the best places to view Sakura in Niseko read our detailed guide.

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