Studio En Teachers

We are committed to bringing you a great teaching experience. Our international instructors have a range of experience and qualifications and studied at many reputable schools around the world. Each instructor brings their own unique style to their classes, but each is underpinned by a common thread of quality, commitment, and dedication.


After backpacking around the world for several years, I started practicing yoga in Australia. As my practice became more and more habitual, I noticed many changes in both my body and mind. After returning from my travels, I became certified in RYT200 in Niseko and Yin Yoga in Bali, and enjoy every day sharing my knowledge and learning with my many students as I teach as an instructor.

For me, yoga is a time to release from my daily busyness and lighten my mind and body through the practice of asana, meditation, and breathing techniques. Let's practice together so that we can look inside ourselves, become aware, and have a peaceful time.


I am Reiko Sasaki, a yoga and Yamuna® instructor.

Yoga for me is a way to understand how my body is feeling and a stabiliser for my mind. When I push my body too hard in my daily life, I can find balance in my myself again by doing yoga. Yoga philosophy helps me to keep my mind calm and my thinking clear.

I was born in Chiba Prefecture, and I love to travel, I have visited many countries including Australia, New Zealand; England, Asia, India and many more. I also have a sweet tooth and love cakes and sweets, and I’m passionate about music too. 

I have a 200-Hour qualification from the National Yoga Alliance through Shiva Rishi Yoga school and I am a
Yamuna Body Rolling® Certified Practitioner.


My name is Julia. Please call me Jooles. I teach a rhythmic and embodied style of vinyasa flow, deeply restorative and meditative yin as well as a fusion of the two. I have also trained and practice as a Sound of Being™️(Sound Healing) Facilitator which I weave throughout my yoga classes.

I first began a consistent yoga practice after returning to Australia from travelling and living abroad. I was feeling lost at the time and yoga helped me to come into presence, to connect with my body, find joy and understand myself in a deeper way. After receiving so many benefits myself, I completed my first YTT (yoga teacher training) apprenticeship in Sydney, Australia. I have been teaching now for two years and feel so honored each time I get to guide students home to their bodies and so humbled that I get to share what I have learned. My intention is to create a safe and welcoming space for every-body to feel at home on the mat.


My yoga journey started from 2015 while I was working as a divemaster in Okinawa, Japan. Endless scuba tanks lifting and long hour physical work made me suffering with serious back pain. I found an Ashtanga yoga studio at this moment it brings me strength and flexibility through the practice. I quickly discovery the benefit of the movement (asanas) and pranayama (breathing method) went beyond the injury itself, enabling me to observe my inner part and go deeper to face my true self - wherever you are is exactly you need to be.

In 2019, this journey led me to India, where I completed the 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training. I am excited to share the experience I've been through and also look forward to the new happening in front of me. I speak Mandarin Chinese, English and Japanese.


It was during my first year in the workforce that I became fascinated with yoga. With overtime work and daily pressures, yoga was the only time I could return to my true self.

From there, I decided to become a yoga instructor to share the benefits of yoga.

It has taught me self-love. I accept myself no matter what I am.

I hope that one hour of yoga practice will become a precious time for you in your busy days. Let's spend a peaceful time together.


Hi, my name is Yui! This is my 4th season in Niseko.

I teach yoga here and am also a snowboard instructor and massage therapist.

I completed a 200-hour teacher training course in India. Through yoga, I experienced and learned not only asanas, but also breathing techniques, ways of life, mantras, living in harmony with animals and nature, love and compassion for people, and many other emotions.

Self-commitment = Self-love = Love

Taking care of yourself leads to being taken care of by others. While doing yoga every day, I observe my mind and body and live by the promise I made to myself.

I will offer lessons so that everyone who visits Niseko this year will be glad to have found yoga. See you on the mat.


I'm really excited to be part of the Studio En team this year, as well as teaching yoga, I also work as a ski instructor and massage therapist.

Working with massage since 2003, anatomy and physiology have always fascinated me, but more so personal growth and self-improvement. I found the healing nature of yoga in my late teens, and the transformation, growth, and healing for me was so powerful. It allowed me to let go and grow. I wanted to learn how to offer this magic to others. I travelled to India in 2010 to formally train. Since then, I teach traditional hatha, restorative and yin yoga, asana, pranayama , and yoga nidra.

Yoga is a way of life, not limited to our time on the mat. What we learn on the mat, the goal is then to integrate into our daily lives. Day by day, it's a journey. Most important for me is to remember to smile and enjoy this wonderful life.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. " - Bhagavad Gita

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Hello! My name is Daiki.

I started as a yoga instructor for "preventive medicine" purposes. After several years of teaching yoga in Honshu, I moved here to Niseko in 2023.

I find yoga fascinating not only for the physical aspects, but also for its approach to ones mental health as well. When you are on the mat, it is your own space. A space to turn our outward awareness to our inner self, our body and mind, and observe. Taking that time is very important in our daily lives.

When you leave the studio, your face will naturally have a smile on it. This is the kind of lesson and experience I hope to offer you.