Surrounded by the beautiful countryside, Niseko is the ideal location for snowshoeing and exploring the great outdoors.

Away from the bustling village, visitors can trek through snow-covered forests and explore the scenic countryside, quiet rivers, and ice-covered lakes. Snowshoeing in Niseko is a very peaceful and relaxing way to escape the crowds and experience what the Hokkaido countryside is all about.

Important Information
Group Tour
Dates of Operation 1st December 2023 - 31st March 2024
Duration 3 hours
Starting Times 09:00
Price ¥9,500 per person
Private Tour

Dates of Operation 1st December 2023 - 31st March 2024
Duration 3 hours
Starting Times 09:00 or 13:30
Price ¥45,000

Other Information

This service is exclusive to Setsu Niseko guests.

Cancellation within the specific time frame before booking commencement will incur a cancellation fee as shown below:
2 to 15 days: a 50% cancellation fee
The day before: a 100% cancellation fee
Cancellation includes changes that reduce the overall value of the booking and no-shows.


  • The tour may be cancelled by NAC if there is any possibility of danger.
  • All the participants who are named on the bookings recognise any outdoor activity may involve certain dangers, including but not limited to accidents or illness in remote places, forces of nature, and the actions of participants and persons. You must understand and agree that NAC would not be able to offer its courses and activities without a means of protecting its assets and employees.
  • You must agree to RELEASE AND INDEMNIFY NAC from any and all liabilities, claims, and courses of action arising out of or in any way connected with you in any activities offered by NAC. You personally assume all risks in connection with these activities.
  • The accidental insurance covers: Hospitalisation: ¥3,000 per day (from the first day); Outpatient care: ¥2,000 per day (from the first day); Death: ¥3,800,000 *Third-party injury and property damage are not covered.
  • You must understand that during the course of your activity, photographs may be taken and these will remain the property of NAC to be used at their discretion.
  • The tour will not be extended or rescheduled due to the late arrival of the guest for any reason.
  • To be eligible for any refund due to sickness or injury, you must present a valid medical certificate within 24 hours of your tour.