Iwanai Day Tour

Iwanai, located one hour north of Niseko on the Sea of Japan is blessed with an abundance of seafood as well as a range of outdoor activities. When you are not indulging in the seafood, enjoy a kayak and snorkel in the summer, or enjoy a private cat ski tour of some of the best terrain in the region, with views of the ocean in the winter.

Iwanai is a popular destination for those looking for something a little more authentic not far from Niseko. Iwanai offers, amazing seafood, a cultural experience, spectacular views and some activities on the side.

Important Information
Recommended Itinerary
  • Temple Kikoin: Kikoin Temple was the first temple built in this district. Visit the largest wooden Buddha statue north of Tokyo.
  • Muramoto Tent: The shop began in 1911 as a harness maker and then transformed itself into canvas manufacturing for trucks and boarts. Now it's producing durable hand-made canvas bags by using the skills inherited from its predecessors.
  • Nishin Goten (Herring Lodge): This facility conveys the prosperity and history of herring fishing at the time.
  • The Arai Memorial Art Museum: Visit the largest private collection of Picasso in Asia. Over 160 original sketches and paintings make this museum a 'must see'. Truly one of Iwanai's unique places of interest.
  • Oyster Village: The charming fishing village of Suttsu is just next to Iwanai and is well-known for its 'All You Can Eat' oysters at Kaki Goya or the Oyster Hut at Suttsu oyster village. If you are an oyster fan, make sure you add this to your Iwanai day tour.

¥60,000 up to 8 people

Other Information

This service is exclusive to Setsu Niseko guests.

Bookings must be made at least 4 days in advance of the tour.

Additional fees (¥8,000 per hour) will be applied if drive exceeds 8 hours.

Cancellation within specific time frame before booking commencement will incur cancellation fees as below:
4 days: 100% cancellation fees
Cancellation includes changes that reduce the overall value of the booking and no shows.
We strongly advise guests to purchase travel insurance to cover any cancellation fees.